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Denver Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury

We're dedicated to serving you after a motor vehicle accident, or an injury you've suffered.

DMV after DUI

A person facing a DUI will also have a second case dealing with their privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Colorado.

Criminal Defense

Most crimes in Colorado fall within the category of misdemeanor or felony.

Municipal Ordinance Violations

If you violate a city ordinance, you will be forced to appear in Municipal Court.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses include non-moving and moving violations. Some of the most serious traffic offenses are classified as traffic misdemeanor offenses. 

Domestic Violence is considered a sentence enhancer that can apply to a whole host of crimes, including non-violent offenses.

Domestic Violence


Alcohol and drug related driving offenses include driving under the influence and driving while ability is impaired.

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