Denver Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney

Lawrence Law Firm specializes in criminal defense and personal injury cases in Aurora, Colorado and the greater Denver metro area.

The legal system is complicated and having to deal with legal matters is one of the most stressful times in a person's life. We strive to ease the burden of legal issues, and help guide you to the outcome you're looking for.

Each case is different, and we provide you with representation tailored to the facts.

Representation is about honesty and zeal. This applies to both criminal and civil cases. While we will work hard to put all our legal experience into your representation, at the end of the day the case is your case and you have to make all decisions. We want you to know as much about our thought process and basis for our recommendations as possible. If you ever have a question, we will take the time to answer them thoroughly.


We focus on criminal defense matters, specifically defending individuals charged with domestic violence throughout Colorado.  In addition, Mr. Lawrence is experienced and passionate about  DUI cases. On the civil side, he focuses on car accident and personal injury cases and getting the best outcome after traumatic events.

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